JOhn Rokos
Founder, CEO, and Product Architect

JOhn Rokos serves as the founder, chief executive officer, and product architect for Enemy Tree, LLC™, the parent company of the next level news platform, Mosaiscope™. His passion lies in progressive design, sustainable thinking and radically useful solutions.

JOhn was interested in cars at an early age of 14 and already knew he wanted to drive sustainably. He quickly gravitated towards electric cars and worked to build one himself. After over a year of saving, researching and joining the local electric car association, he calculated the build would cost tens of thousands of dollars (well beyond his means) and result in a less then adequate vehicle.

JOhn, disheartened by the figure, was encouraged by his mother to get a bicycle instead. He did, and with his typical zeal ended up pursuing everything he could on a bike; from racing mountain and road bikes up and down the east coast to eventually finding his true passion in freestyle BMX (bicycle motocross).

JOhn continued to sharpen his BMX freestyle skills while earning his undergrad from Frostburg State University in Maryland. After graduation, JOhn hit the road to pursue his dream of becoming a professional freestyle BMX rider, which gave him the gift of international travel as well as living, working and training at the world famous Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, further enhancing his skills in the sport.

After achieving his dream of being a professional freestyle BMX rider, he continued his education to pursue his passion in business. JOhn earned an MBA from the Penn State Smeal College of Business, which led to a career at BIC Consumer Products where he was in charge of Wite-Out®’s brand management, along with several other brands. Filled with knowledge and experience, but stymied by BIC’s slow evolution, he eventually sought out another employer more aligned with his progressive spirit and personal vaues, and was hired by Tesla Motors, Inc. in 2008.

After nearly six years at Tesla, inspired by Elon Musk and the countless innovators and risk takers he was able to work with during his time there, JOhn decided to pursue his own dreams and build something great. Two years of dedication and hard work later, Enemy Tree, LLC was born and now, their first product, Mosaiscope.

When he’s not consumed by a passionate project and building a company, you can find JOhn on anything with two wheels (with or without a motor), at a makerspace building something, or outside hiking, camping, or keeping up with current events, interests and news.


Jana Rokos

Chief Operating Officer

Jana Rokos serves as the chief operating officer for Enemy Tree, LLC.  While Jana contributes to the development of new products, services and business ventures her primary focus is on the people, systems and processes at the heart of the business.  She is passionate about creating an inclusive, productive environment for staff, recruiting and retaining top talent, and building efficient and effective systems and processes.

Jana graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with degrees in English and Psychology, as well as a Master of Social Work.  Upon graduating, she focused her early career on social research with positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Survey Research Laboratory and the University of Michigan's Social Research Institute.  Through these early positions, Jana learned that she had strengths managing teams and surpassing production goals.

As a relationship builder, Jana gravitated towards professional fundraising next.  At the University of Illinois Foundation, Jana influenced support of scholarships, research and programs for the three University of Illinois campuses (Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield).  Maintaining each campus's unique voice, she led her team of 100 staff towards fundraising success and growth, despite the concurrent national recession.  

Relocating to San Jose, California, Jana pursued a professional fundraising position with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Silicon Valley Chapter.  Utilizing her ability to rally others around a worthy cause and her personal passion for endurance sports, she enhanced the Team In Training Program--building high-level volunteer committees, spearheading new programming and connecting hundreds of Bay Area athletes to the LLS mission.  She was quickly advanced to a management role--developing the triathlon, cycle and hike programs.

For the next 3 years, Jana would serve as a Director at Summer Search Silicon Valley, a non-profit focused on leadership development and college readiness in San Jose, California.  In addition to holding the community relationships, Jana also led the management and professional development of the team, the systems and processes to guide operations, and developed local strategy.  Before departing to move to Colorado, Jana's site was one of the top performing in the network.

As COO of Enemy Tree, LLC, Jana plans to continue to build upon her past successes--bring her relentless drive, ability to anticipate trends, and long-term vision.  She is incredibly grateful for the people, who have invested in her development over the years, and looks forward to paying it forward.  When she is not working, you will find her running, hitting up the trails with her dog or planning her next trip.