Would An App By Any Other Name Be As Sweet?

I was in Illinois this past week with my wife visiting her family.  Everyone knows that "Uncle John" runs his own company, and is trying to produce tech products that create solutions to everyday problems.  My sister-in-law shared that my nephew (her son) had been kicking around an app idea, with a name he was particularly proud of, and wanted to see if I was interested in developing it.

Eight year olds are cute.  Full of innocence and fart jokes.  My nephew is no exception, but with a dash of precociousness.  He approached the grown up table to let me know that he would accept $6 for his idea, and then, he went into his "pitch".  His app would allow users to see other people's underwear (An AR play. Very nice;), because people in their underwear are "funny".  Then, he innocently laughed and laughed, as only an eight year old can at the thought of masses of people being seen in their underwear.  He would call it "The Undieizer".

While I explained that I was not the person to develop his idea, I thought about the importance of a good name.  While I'm fairly certain that my eight year old nephew didn't agonize over naming his idea, I have devoted a good amount of time to thinking over the name of our company's new app (coming out in 7 days).  The app itself was tied to some existing technology that we had produced, but the real question was--does it's current name fit?

Sometimes, technology products have a catchy name that doesn't really tell you much about the product.  I think of Luxe, Viber, and Spotify.  It feels like it's something, but it not clear what it is.  It requires research on the part of the consumer or a concerted education effort on behalf of the company to get meaning across.  Others have names that make an allusion to its purpose, like Airbnb or Netflix.  It feels like this requires less education for potential customers, and thus, they are more efficient in conveying their purpose.  Check out the name of our new product below. 

Does a vague, but catchy name give a product more room to evolve?  Is it harder to pivot if your product is hemmed in by it's name?  What seems more important in the earlier stages--a chance to easily change course or a chance to easily convey meaning?  What do you think of the name of our new product (below)? Not enough info yet to answer that last question? Then keep an eye out for the launch on the 20th;) 



Coming June 20th, 2017!!!

Coming June 20th, 2017!!!

7 days until our new app, Pinpoint Bookmarking™, hits the app store!!

Keep an eye out and we'll see you then,