Founded by JOhn Rokos, Enemy Tree, LLC™ is a Silicon Valley-started technology company that has relocated to Boulder County, CO. It is dedicated to crafting premium products that enhance the experience of their users at every turn. As the first product born out of Enemy Tree™, Mosaiscope™ is leading the charge by recreating what a news reader platform can be.

Created from the ground up, Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform striving to find the perfect balance between content creators and content consumers. Mosaiscope presents a mix of reading options never before seen in a news reading product. Giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources, it appeals to their individual needs as well as facilitates discovery. Mosaiscope™ is unique with its responsive design that works on every device as well as no limitations to the array of sources available – if a site has a feed, we can follow it. Mosaiscope™ also leads the way by introducing an industry first with their Email Subscribe™ Plus feature. All of these elements coming together provide an experience that is uniquely individualized and robust.

Mosaiscope™ allows consumers to keep up with news and interests in an innovatively designed, user friendly, and constantly updating platform that ensures all the latest topics and sources, along with the most cutting edge and useful tools are available, all working together beautifully to create a seamless experience.

Mosaiscope™ is a free app available through iTunes (or on any device online at with even more features and function available with a Mosaiscope™ Plus membership that makes the reading experience even more fun and powerful. In addition to a tiered membership plan, Mosaiscope™ will also be adding even more features to its Plus Service (like Pinpoint Bookmarking™) and will also be offering an Android version in the near future. 

Focused on reshaping news media distribution, discovery, insight, and sharing, Mosaiscope™ is the news platform catering to content consumers and creators individualized thoughts, passions, and interests everywhere.